Tom Emmer Honored by the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota

Tom Emmer was one of only two gubernatorial candidates to receive this honor for the 2009 legislative session. KTLK radio talk show host Sue Jeffers calls this the “Gold Standard” of scorecards. The Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota evaluates legislators for their voting records on 20 different key issues; ranging from tax and bonding proposals, to energy policy, election law changes and medical regulations.

“It was disappointing to have so few honorees this year,” stated LEA President Gordon Anderson. “With little legislative resistance, the liberal majority increased the growth of state bureaucracy with unnecessary regulations, passed unwieldy omnibus bills written at the behest of special interest groups, and needlessly yielded additional state authority to Washington enticed by the lure of federal tax dollars.”

The press release and full scorecard from the Legislative Evaluation Assembly of Minnesota can be read by following the links. Sue Jeffers’ interview with LEA President Gordon Anderson and further discussion of the scorecard can be heard here.

Congratulations Representative Emmer!

Taxpayers League of Minnesota Perfect Score

Tom Emmer is one of only six State Representatives or State Senators to receive the designation of “Friend of the Taxpayer” on the 2009 Legislative Scorecard from the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. He is the only gubernatorial candidate to be given the “Best Friend of the Taxpayer” award for the 2009 legislative session.

Tom Emmer Scores 100% from Minnesota Majority

Tom Emmer received a 100% score from Minnesota Majority for the 2009 session of the state house. Congratulations Tom! He is also one of only 5 career heroes.

Endorsements for 2008 State House Race

The following organizations endorsed Tom Emmer for State Representative in 2008:

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  • National Rifle Association
  • Wright County Republican Party
  • Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
  • Twin Cities Republican Association
  • Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota