When I last posted about Cardschat slot onlain Forums in November, I mentioned that there were over 14,000 members and 155,000 posts. Six months later, there are over 20,000 members and 238,000 posts!

I’m writing this post at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and I see there are 5 members online… but there are 106 guests, a 21-1 ratio, so think about the reach for your poker blog if you’re posting regularly at Cardschat. I just posted in a thread asking “What’s the deal with Pokerstars?”, where the original poster complained about the monster hands juicing the games. My response: Leave the play-money tables.

Anyway, I really like the way the forums are organized. There is a sub-forum in “Poker General” for “Brags & Bad Beats” – yeah, it doesn’t get rid of bad beat stories entirely, but it’s good to see it’s active so at least those threads that start out with “AA Sucks” are out of the “Poker Strategies” forum. A spin through “Poker Strategies” right now reveals quality threads like 7 card stud hi – loosening up your game, Submitted for your approval (A Joose LAG session), How I Look for Ring Games, and Playing against very passive opponents preflop. Solid threads and discussions for players that take the game seriously.

Another solid forum is “Hand Analysis”, where you can get feedback on some of those tough hands and decisions that you want to understand better. A few of the active threads there include $10 SNG: Squeeze, call or Fold?, trips 50max tough decision, and 100NL QQ vs preflop reraise. Good stuff that you can sink your teeth into, and in games played at limits at which most of us are familiar.

So, if you want to get some meat to chew on as you think about your game, check out Cardschat Poker Forums.

Need non-poker internet scam advice

My father-in-law was doing geneology research this evening and was scanning a webpage (he didn’t remember the URL). When he got to the bottom of the page, there was a message that told him his exact name and demanded $20 to tell him how they got his name and were putting the message on that page.

I received an e-mail earlier this week that was similar – we’ve infected your machine with a virus and we’ll tell you how to remove it for $20. Obviously, i wasn’t worried about that.

I’m sure his personal data hasn’t been compromised because it sounds like they were trying to get him to give up a credit card number – if they already had the CC number, why demand payment, right? Anyway, I was hoping someone could explain to me how they were able to target him so specifically, by name? I want to be able to explain it to him so he’ll stop worrying.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.