London, April 29, 2001 – Jackpot Madness ( announced this week that lucky Mom and Avon Lady Debbie R. won a total of $169,588.75 in four wins on three different progressives! First she won a total of $67,994.27 playing Cash Splash and WowPot at Colosseum Casino , one of 70 casinos that feature the Jackpot Madness progressives, on January 21. Then on March 30 she won $60,807.26 on Cash Splash at Grand Opry , another member of the Jackpot Madness family and on April 4 she hit the jackpot again on LotsaLoot for $40,757.22 at The Gaming Club. , still yet another member of the 70 affiliate casinos system. Like so many other winners who have won numerous times on the Microgaming-powered progressives, Debbie’s wins prove that your Jackpot Madness ship can come in more than once!

In a special interview following her fourth win, Debbie eagerly told us, “I had read Blake’s interview (the guy that won 3 times on Cash Splash and his total wins are over $270,000), and he said how he skipped around between games and casinos, and I thought I should try that, so that is what I did and look at me now: I have 4 wins! I am trying to reach his total!”


When we asked her about her initial reaction, Debbie reported, “I couldn’t believe it, I am shocked! I am just so amazed that this could happen. I was trying to figure out the odds of this happening, and it just seems so unlikely, since it is online and so many people are able to play, the number is really unlimited. It was nice, I had just hit the Lotsaloot jackpot, and I called my husband, it was so surprising since I had just won 5 days ago. When I called my mother, she made the calculation and said: ‘$100,000 in 5 days is not bad!’. When I hit this time I put in only $50 and saw that kept on winning, I had a good feeling. First I hit WowPot, then Cash Splash twice, and then Lotsaloot.”


Referring to the special winners’ kit the progressives winners receive, containing branded t-shirts, hats, gym bags and magnets, and a digital camera, she told us, “My son was kidding, and asked if this means that we are going to get 4 cameras… we have all the magnets from these games on the refrigerator, and just before I won on Lotsaloot, my husband moved a magnet to make room for Lotsaloot, and I got it!”


When we asked Debbie what her plans are for all that cash she told us, “It is going to come in real handy, we have wanted to move into a bigger home and now we will be able to do it! My husband wanted to get a new van, and now we can afford that. Ever since my son’s twin passed away from cancer three years ago, I am lucky. I am sure that he is helping me out and looking after me. My other son is in hockey and he is playing travel hockey during the summer, and we could probably make some vacation time when we travel with him. He is growing so much and the equipment is very expensive, so these wins are helping out so much with that as well. He needs new skates as his feet are growing. Some of the Inscrivez-Vous money I am putting aside for him for his education. We own a home, and we have kind of outgrown it, and we were thinking of moving on. My son died at home, so may be this is a sign for us to move on with our lives and to start again in a new home.


When we asked her the secret to her success, Debbie’s heartwarming answer was “I don’t know what it is but when you think of numbers, there is a lot to do with the symbols of numbers for me. Some times I talk to my son who passed away, before I begin playing. I am trying to believe and keep faith, and just before I won the third time, I said: ‘if there is really a God, I would hit the jackpot’, and then I hit it! Immediately after I won I said that I have to go to church and make a donation. And even more than that, I have a little one of those gifts that says ‘if you miss me hold this close to your heart’, right before I won, it fell, and then I said the thing about God and I hit it. I truly believe that my son is watching over me.”


About Jackpot Madness:

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