It’s a good thing that I was just playing for play chips tonight, because my games were simply terrible. I started out playing the Online Casino Malaysia, which is a qualifier for another freeroll. Top 100 qualify, and I don’t think that I won a single hand. I never caught a pocket pair above four and never caught anything on those flops. The blinds increase very quickly in that game, and I ended up having to go all in with K/10 of hearts. With only 500 more chips than the big blind, which is what I was on at the time, I got a lot of callers and didn’t come close to winning the hand.

After that, I went to Full Tilt’s play money site to continue my quest for five million chips. I suppose that I came out too agressive to make up for dooming myself through passive play in the freeroll, and found myself behind quickly. When I drew pocket queens with a relatively short stack, I moved all in and had two callers. One had ace king and the other had an ace with an 8 or 9. Through the turn nobody had paired anything but they both got the turn card that they needed for an inside straight draw. Next card brought the bicycle and I was out.

The next game I started out hyperagressive again for some reason and pushed with kq suited. Then I kept pushing when I hit the queen. I usually know better than to go all in with one pair and not quite top kicker early in a sit and go, but I did and I lost again. The other guy had queen ace.

I should’ve called it a night after that, and hopefully I would’ve had I been playing for actual money, but I tried one more time. I started out slowly but eventually hit a straight and nut flush which got me into decent shape. At one point I was up to over 6000 chips, but then the cards got bad. I lost a little more than I gained when I played the hands, but the real problem was the hands that I didn’t play. There was one short stack and I was waiting for the four left to become three. It never did, and my chip stack got smaller and smaller. Eventually, with the big blinds all the way up to 500 chips, I pushed all in with pocket 6s and got called by JQ off suit. With the luck that I’d had tonight, of course I lost.

My chip count at that site is still over four million, but it won’t be if I have another night like that without a good streak in between. It’s nights like this that show that as good as I might be with the play money, I’m probably not ready to play the real money tables with much confidence yet.