Well since I haven’t updated in a few days I will try to summarize as quickly as possible. Friday I played a little online in the afternoon and made $475. Later I got a call from Poolshark who is in town and met up with him at the Bellagio pretty late. I got into a game at around 10pm and couldn’t get anything going. Poolshark was also playing the 15 game at another table. My table wasn’t very good. jala slot 428  switched to mine b/c his sucked as well. I ended up going down about 475 (the exact amount I won online or very close to it). Poolshark was up $1000 from playing about 10 hours so we decided that drunken 4-8 might be more fun.

We got sat at the same 4-8 table and started hitting the beers to be shortly followed by vodka redbull. It was a pretty fun table. There were 3 friends from ASU that I was having fun with. They weren’t very good but. They weren’t the worst ever but just knew enough for me to be able to manipulate. Pool shark straddled the BB on his first hand in, so I decided to restraddle. I ended up making trips on the turn and pulling the first pot. I was showing a card before betting and commiting other drunken sheniagians to get calls and whatnot.

All three ASU kids were kinda short stacked and my goal was to be the one to bust each and everyone of them and I told them in advance. They were pretty cool and took it as lighthardly as I meant it. I think I may have gotten 2 out of 3 but I cant remember for sure. He was a classic example of drunken 4-8 gone right. UTG ASU kid limps, UTG +1 ASU kid raises, folds to me and I call in the SB with 35s and BB calls. Flop came out A24. I checked, BB bet, UTG raised, UTG +1 3 bet, and I pulled what I am pretty sure was my first ever check 4 bet, and they all called. I think 3 of us went to showdown. Me and Poolshark went up as high as +250 each at one point but both quit at 7am up a little over 100.

Saturday was devoted to the gamboolfest that is 1-2 cent PLO. I lost big, not even sure how much. I comtiplated whether I should count it in my records and decieded against. I decided I will just treat it as an exspensive night on the town or something. First of all I have no clue how much I lost, and second of all I play strictly limit hold em and dont even play NL or tournies besides NWP one’s. I will put an astritc next to my numbers if it will make anyone feel any better.

Speaking of only playing limit, I have rethought my strict policy. Friday I stopped by the Palms to talk to a friend and sweat his play for a little bit at the 2-5 NL game (500 buy in) there. Wow, I seen some very very weak play there. Two hands in particular. First hand guy next to my buddy who is letting me sweat his cards too when my buddy isnt in raises to 15 with AK. One guy calls (maybe more but doesnt matter after flop). Flop is AKQ. Guy bets 50 and is called. Turn is a 7 and guy bets 150, other guy goes into the tank and picks up an Ace out of his cards and makes it visable then raises allin!!!! I forget how much more it was and whether the guy would have had a hard desicion if he had not shown the Ace but damn, way to take any chance away that he might fold the best hand.

The other hand I really didnt see the action preflop and on the flop, but guy had JJ and was raised like 200 on the turn with the board being 1077X. JJ guy instacalls (there wasnt a shitload in the pot or anything). River was another low card and other guy goes all in for like 500. JJ guy instacalls and couldn’t believe the other guy had a 75. He stormed off and I almost couldn’t help but laugh. This guy also called a 150 bet on the turn with just a flush draw into a pretty small pot. So I might be checking that game out soon. I know Im not good at NL but I would have easily been 2nd best at that table.

Sunday was a real, real good day. I played about 3 hours on Stars and kept my streak going booking a $457 win (sometimes I wonder why I even play live, not that the players are better or anything but I rarely lose online and with so few hands comparable live anything can happen). Then I got bored and gave Poolshark a call around 9pm. He was at the Mirage playing 10-20 and I decided that I would meet up with him. I figured a nice passive 10-20 table is just what I need after winning online Friday and losing it back in the 15 game. Im not saying I can’t lose at 10 but the odds are it would be a lot harder for me to lose a lot being how passive the game usually is. Well, everything went right. I didn’t lose a hand I showed down and also got dealt some pretty good cards. Two and a half hours later I cashed out up +$1083.

Well Macon comes in tomarrow and UGA comes in Wed, so I might not be able to keep this thing updated next week, but I will maybe update with some quick totals.

Friday +110

Sat. *******

Sunday +1540

Week +3015 **** (Damn I wish Saturday never happened so my first $3000 week wouldn’t be tainted with an *)