With the recent gambling legislation, there has never been a better time to diversify your affiliate promotions. This is a great article about promoting Poker Ebooks as an affiliate.

“How to Cash in at Marketing Poker Products: What Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know!”

Through out this article I will be telling you secrets every marketer and affiliate should know that will help you pull in big profits online every single month. I will also give all you affiliates and marketers’ specific examples from my online experience. More specifically I will be talking about my experience as an active partner with the Sit-N-Go Pro (found at http://www.SitNGoPro.com). You will be getting insights on how our top marketers make an income off of promoting the Sit-N-Go Pro new online real money casinos usa system. Remember you can earn thousands of dollars a month selling other people’s poker products online!

E-book 101 – The Basics:

What is an E-Book? For those of you who don’t know an E-Book is short for Electronic Book or any book that is delivered in electronic format. Most e-book’s on the market are topical. That being said there are hundreds if not thousands of e-books on the topic of poker. Now a day an e-book is just one component included in a product. The great products out there will include much more added value for its customers. E-books are great because they are you own unique product and they have virtually zero delivery costs!

Own a product? Want to generate leads?

Do you own a product? If you are in the business of generating leads from your website you may want to give away your e-book free in exchange for information on a person. This is one tactic many marketers use for long term income. However now a days marketers have opt ins to a newsletter on a sales page in order to prompt an individual to sign up in order to get “free information” relating to the product.

The sales page at www.sitngopro.com allows people to opt in to get “3 Free Tips You Must Know On Making a Killing at Sit and Go’s!.” People will opt in because they are getting something they want. You notice that we are not just giving them general information about the Sit-N-Go Pro but we are giving them something that will help them at sit and go poker tournaments. We now have the individuals email and follow the tips with additional emails pushing the product. Don’t worry affiliates you’re guaranteed 90-day tracking cookies…This means, a customer can order after 90 days, and you’ll still get a credit for the sale! This is common with most programs on the net! Having an opt in newsletter helps both the affiliate and the owner of the product.

Encourage others to market for you

So, you have spent 2 months creating an excellent product … Now what? You might initially want to run an AdWords campaign to see if the product sells. After you notice some great success you now want to get other affiliates to market for you. If your product has a great sales page and you have an affiliate section then a lot of top affiliate markets should find you. Most browse the internet daily looking for the best products to promote. Marketing your product can be very costly. So if you have a product then make sure you have others marketing for you.

How My Top Affiliates pull in big profits online every single month!

Push lists – If your website has a newsletter then you can use this as a method for getting out to your subscribers. The Sit-N-Go Pro Affiliate section has pre written emails that you can use to send to your list. Some of my affiliates see great results the first day after sending out a mail out.

Review sites – A few of our top affiliates have created review sites that tell you the pros of purchasing the Sit-N-Go Pro. Many affiliates list a few products on their review sites so you can compare similar products on the market. This method of affiliate marketing is become ever more popular.

Use Pay Per Click Ads – PPC ads are the fastest way to drive traffic to any website in a short amount of time – but it also could get expensive. Most affiliates test conversion rates to see if they are getting the correct value for their money. Using misspelled words are usually the cheapest form of getting the best value for your money. But you want to make sure people are searching these phrases.

Use banner Ads: Most affiliate programs have designed top notch animated and static banners for you to use on your site. If you run a content site or forum then putting a banner with your affiliate id in the url is a great way to get instant sales.

Advertise in forums: If you are a member of major poker forums you may want to start a post about the program you are promoting. Remember to include your unique affiliate id so you can get credited for sending people to the sales page.

The Sit-N-Go Pro is currently #1 on the Clickbank Marketplace for all poker related products. The Sit-N-Go Pro sells because it is a profitable niche topic that people are interested in learning about. For more information on the Sit-N-Go Pro’s Affiliate program please visit the Affiliate Page.