According to a recent press release, Ladbrokes Poker has seen a 100 percent increase in their online table traffic. This is believed to be at least partially due to the recent licensing issues at Full Tilt Poker. Specifically, Ladbrokes claims their traffic has spiked in the wake of Full Tilt’s license suspension.

“The Poker world has been turned on its head in recent weeks,” said Ladbrokes’ Naomi Thrower, “and players are no longer confident where to play. We are delighted that many of them are turning to Ladbrokes as they recognize that not only is their money 100% safe, it is also a fun and friendly place to play poker.”

The company has also expressed pride in the fact that they have “never taken bets from players in the USA, and will continue to only operate in territories legally.  Ladbrokes Poker customers can therefore rest assured that their money is 100% safe and secure and always will be.” This stance has earned them an incredible amount of popularity with European players, as one would expect.


Another factor in their increased popularity may be their longevity. According to the same press release, the company is “proud to be a highly trusted Brand with a Retail Estate spanning over 125 years, and believes this is what many poker players are now looking for as a top priority when choosing a site to deposit their money.”

Ladbrokes Celebrates their 4 Billionth Hand with €100,000 in Prizes

Ladbrokes Poker is about to reach an incredible milestone, and they want you to be part of the fun. In around a week they will deal their 4 billionth cash game hand, and they plan to give away €100,000 cash in celebration!

To thank the people that play on their cash game tables, the site has created a rewards schedule for the hands leading up to the 4 billionth. bitcoin roulette The winner of a particular milestone hand wins a cash prize, and the rest of the players at the table get to split a cash prize. For example, milestone hand #3994600000 awards €250 to the winner of the hand, and the other players at the table get to split another €250.

In total there are 200 milestone hands, and the cash prizes range between €10 and €20,000. It comes as no surprise that the prize amounts increase dramatically the closer it gets to the 4 billionth hand. Hand #3999900000 awards €500 to the winner and to the table. Hand #3999960000 awards €1,000. You get €2,000 for #3999980000, €5,000 for #3999990000, and the grand prize of €20,000 is awarded for #4000000000!

For a chance to hit one of these milestone hands, simply play any real money cash game on Ladbrokes. Your table must have a minimum of 4 players to qualify for the milestone bonuses, otherwise the money will be awarded in the next available hand that has 4 players or more.

The marketing retention manager of Ladbrokes, Amy Trodd, is very excited about this promotion. “The four billionth hand as such is an amazing milestone and what better way to celebrate than by giving our customers hard cash,” she said.

If you are a cash game player, your bankroll will thank you for playing on Ladbrokes this week. There are no strange gimmicks to this promotion. Simply play your game, get lucky, and win free money! Thanks to the table share prize, you don’t even have to win the hand to receive bonus cash. In the words of Trodd: “If you are playing on one of our lucky tables, it is impossible not to win something!”