The veterans recently got a boost in support and assistance from some well known people who love a good hand of sanghoki . The Xtreme Couture GI Foundation partnered with UltimateBet to create Operation: All In, which was a big success on the 12th of this month.

The live poker tournament was held at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. The event drew in 150 players with the proceeds going to the veteran’s organization.  The final donation tally was more than 93 thousand dollars. What a wonderful thing it was to have such well known faces appearing to raise money for the wonderful people fighting for their freedom to be there.

The Xtream Couture GI Foundation is active and benefiting troops hurt in action and their families. Similar to the Wounded Warrior Foundation, they contribute funds to the bills and support to the families as well as encourage and provide aid to the wounded GI themselves as need be.

With the helping hand from UlitmateBet and the Hard Rock Café, the poker tournament will help hundreds of wounded soldiers and their families. This blessed group assists regardless of the type of injury, even extending the support to those scared by the wounds of battle mentally, emotionally, and physically. Challenges of returning to regular life after active duty battle are many, and the online poker giant along with Xtream Couture is helping them make the transition.

Changes at Mansion Poker

Mansion Poker is doing everything they can to entice you to play more often. Nothing new, right? Their new loyalty program changes are. What exciting changes they are! With the new changes online poker players competing at Mansion Poker will be able to acquire opportunities to play freeroll specificall for loyal Mansion Poker Players.

The corporate thoughts on the subject point to the fact that online poker players are among the most loyal in the online gaming industry. Regarding the new program, the Manson Poker Ambassador was excited to discuss the goal of rewarding some of the best online poker players available.

In the new program, every single cash game played on the Mansion Poker site by any player will accrue VIP Poker Points aka VPP. As each month comes to an end, the poker room will tally each player’s points and include them in one of 5 color coded categories. As points are tallied the player will receive benefits from each level of qualification. The categories are:

Green: 0 – 15,999

Silver: 16,000 – 49,999

Gold: 50,000 – 149,999

Platinum: 150,000 – 249,999

Black: 250,000

One of the best parts of this program is that every player who competes in cash games becomes a VIP with their first hand. Every player has an auto classification of Green. Not to bad to know that with out fail you are important to one of the biggest most successful online poker rooms in the world. Moving through the ranks is simple with this program as well, as all anyone would need to do is play more cash games. Not to shabby when you only have to put money in your pocket and get rewarded for it.

Mansion Poker will be releasing weekly VPP statements for every player. In the attempt to assist their VIP players they will also add a way for players to get a point’s boost. The poker bonus boost will be the percentage in which a player has increased their VPP. In a press release the poker room made it clear that it was in their goal to see all of their VIP players reach the Black level and enjoy the rewards associated with it.

Ok, you are a Mansion Poker VIP and are moving your way through the ranks, accruing VPP’s and increasing you bankroll. Not to bad, but what do you do with the VPP’s you’re loading up on? Visit Mansion Poker’s VIP Loyalty Club Shop. The VPP’s can be cashed in for a variety of poker paraphernalia, incredible poker tournament packages of your choice, and many other desirable rewards.