So, Windows 7 finally hits the streets and the early signs are promising.  It’s not hard to see why, when even the least Microsoft friendly reviewers have been raving about it for months.

DSGi, one of the UK’s biggest computer retailers, said that they have had more pre-orders for Windows 7 in the past 3 weeks than they had for Windows Vista in a year!

Windows 7 free upgrade from Vista – The argument

As long time readers will know, I believe Windows 7 should be given to Windows Vista users, as a free upgrade.

Many Windows Vista users feel they were unpaid beta testers and that Microsoft has used their time and their error reporting with Vista, to help them produce Windows 7.  I agree!  In fact, many people have suggested that Windows 7 should have been rolled out as a Service pack for Vista.

These users should either get a free copy of Windows 7 OR AT LEAST a massively discounted copy.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 PR blunder

Microsoft’s latest OS is superb and if you are a Widows user, you will almost certainly love it.  It’s just a pity that Microsoft didn’t use the launch of Windows 7, to win back some good faith from millions of angry Vista users.  These people are now using an inferior OS and have to cough-up if they want to use an OS, which I believe they deserve for free.  I blogged about this here.

Friendfeed’s Paul Buchheit confirms no more features coming to Friendfeed!

Friendfeed’s Paul Buchheit has just confirmed to me that the next ‘big’ new feature coming to Friendfeed, will be the last.  This comes a day after Buchheit issued a confusing statement about the future of the platform he co-founded.

Here’s what Buchheit just told me, in full:

Jim, there may be a few new things, but as I said, the team is mainly working on fb platform and openness, so it’s unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff (except maybe one that I’ve been thinking about for a while…).

So, whilst reports of Friendfeed’s imminent death seem to be premature, Buchheit’s message suggests that the platform is no longer being actively developed.

This news is of little surprise, coming just weeks after Friendfeed was acquired by Facebook in a multimillion dollar buy-out.

Someone PLEASE turn off the Live Blogging hosepipe!

Once again, hundreds or maybe thousands of people, attending the SAME event at the SAME time are ‘live blogging’ the SAME content to (mostly) the SAME people.

So-called ‘live blogging’ was once a useful practice, where a small number of people attending an event, would send key messages via Twitter, to their targeted followers.

Live blogging Blog World Expo #bwe

twitterHowever, today – when almost every attendee at these events is tweeting everything they hear, live blogging has become (at best) a nuisance for Twitter users.  The deluge of duplicate messages coming from is week’s Blog World Expo #bwe is the latest example.

At one point yesterday, I saw the same Tweet on my screen 7 times in around 3 minutes.  Yes, of course I unfollowed the culprits!

Live blogging from the gurus

There is something REALLY funny, about listening to the worlds leading ‘social media gurus,’ spraying the same hosepipe of identical information to their followers.  After all, THESE GUYS are the self-appointed experts.   Their inability to realise how pointless it is, to tweet the exact same ‘news’ as the guy sitting next to them is laughable.

Maybe they need to read their own books on how to use Twitter, (great value at just $9.99! with coupon code #bullshit.)

Live blogging does still have a place, as was very powerfully demonstrated at a number of recent, under-reported world events.  But to sit in an air-conditioned exhibition venue, surrounded by thousands of people already tweeting every point made by every speaker is insane.  If these people REALLY want to provide something of value, surely it would be better to write a blog post, based on THEIR unique understanding of what they discovered? If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK