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I am sure all of you by now use a handful of tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck in a continuous quest to ease your social media life. Everyone has noticed (or should have noticed) that Instagram marketing is paramount. Recent statistics and reports showcase the same trend: social media is about visuals more than ever. Be they photos or videos, engagement rate is going up as soon as your content contains images. Still doubting? The 5 statistics below emphasize Instagram’s growing relevance for marketers:

70% of Instagram users log in at least once a day

Year over year Instagram app growth: 66%

Number of likes per day on Instagram: 1.2billion

Average time spent per user per month on Instagram: 257 minutes

Monthly active users: 200 million

Marketers in general are adopting the app as a means to reinforce their brand image. Yet, using a tool to manage your channels is common practice for all of us and if you are an avid user of social media management platforms, you will jump into iconosquare.com with both feet.

Iconosquare is a French-born solution for you to cope with your Instagram profile easily. It organizes the different sections of your account in a clear manner but also comes up with one-of-a-kind options like Statistics, Facebook Custom Tab, Timeline integration and Cover picture generator. More about Flic Social


Once you log in, you will land on the “Viewer” tab which essentially recaps and reorganizes what you can already see on the app: your feed, publications, photos you liked, your followers and followings. By clicking on the different icons located on the right side, you can select if you want them to be arranged as a mosaic, slide show or list like Instagram.


This section should catch your interest as the Instagram app itself does not include this feature. Iconosquare will empower you to check how well you are doing on Instagram. The key data to follow are “Love”, “Talk” and “Spread” rates and a report of your recent activity is available by clicking “Rolling month analysis”. Other numbers are available in “Content” and “Engagement” such as Growth History, your best posts and even the Tag and Filter usage!

Hats off to Iconosquare for the Optimization part, where the website will guide you to meet your followers’ interest with recommendations on best time to post and even the impact filters and tags used on your photos:


Iconosquare compares the impact filters can have on engagement


Whether you want to simply share fun metrics about your account or strut about how famous you are, Snapshots is here to share ready-made and customized pictures about your account.


This is another fantastic option offered by the website. Various possibilities are presented here for you to use your Instagram account to greater profit. You can link it to your Facebook page, creating a Tab for your fans to discover your Instagram feed while at the same time tightening the bonds between both of your social media platforms. Other options include a Cover Picture Generator with your 50 latest pictures, a Gallery Widget and Follow buttons to integrate to your blog/website!


As we all know, a contest should get people engaged unless it has too many entry barriers. Once you click on this tab, you will see all the different running contests and some are worth considering and held by worldwide brands. Michelin for instance launched a contest where people can display their passion for cars associated with its brand. Using a hashtag, entries will then be considered and evaluated by a jury with a VIP weekend up for grabs at the next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.



Iconosquare is probably the best tool available out there for Instagram marketers and ardent users. Basic functionalities of the app are reused but presented in a neater fashion. Some features are unique and can’t be found elsewhere, which give the web-based platform the edge. Whether you are commencing or already experienced with the app, Iconosquare will give you a better picture of your Instagram account. It’s up to you to seize the opportunity!